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School of Law (40046)

Date Deposited: 2015-01-21

School of Social Work (40361)

Date Deposited: 2018-08-28

Selected Manorial Documents of Spalding Priory, c. 1250-1275

Creator: Bennett, Judith

Date Deposited: 2019-01-23

Abstract: These digital photos are provided as an adjunct to Judith M. Bennett, "Married and Not: Weston's Grown Children in 1268-9," Continuity and Change xx (2-19), yy-zz. Compiled between 1250 and 1275, these documents survive because they were copied ...

Simmons Baker Jones (05292)

Date Deposited: 2015-02-04

Southern Folklife Collection Digital Files

Creator: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Date Deposited: 2010-04-01

Abstract: The Southern Folklife Collection (SFC) ranks as one of the nation's foremost archival resources for the study of American folk music and popular culture. SFC holdings extensively document all forms of southern musical and oral traditions across the ...

Southern Historical Collection Digital Files

Creator: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library. Southern Historical Collection.

Date Deposited: 2011-11-28

Abstract: The Southern Historical Collection (SHC) is a vast collection of distinct archival collections. These collections are largely composed of primary source materials, such as diaries, journals, letters, correspondence, photographs, maps, drawings, ...

Southern Oral History Program Interviews

Creator: Southern Oral History Program

Date Deposited: 2011-04-08

Abstract: In 1973, the History Dept. of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill established an oral history program devoted to the study of the southern region of the United States. The Southern Oral History Program collects interviews with Southerners...

Student Government (40169)

Date Deposited: 2017-08-28

Studies in Latin America series

Creator: Institute for the Study of the Americas

Date Deposited: 2018-01-25

Abstract: Studies in Latin America is a series of short works that promote new scholarship on Latin America and the Caribbean focusing on the social sciences—principally anthropology, geography, history, political science, and sociology—and featuring diverse ...

Summer Reading Program (40273)

Date Deposited: 2015-01-28

Sustainable Scholarship

Creator: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library

Date Deposited: 2019-04-26

Abstract: Presentation slides from librarians at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill regarding the sustainability of scholarship.

Swan Quarterly

Date Deposited: 2017-10-18

Taylor Branch Papers (05047)

Date Deposited: 2014-10-28