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91. Violence in fishing, hunting, and gathering societies of the Atacama Desert coast: A long-term perspective (10,000 BP—AD 1450)

92. Validating indicators for monitoring availability and geographic distribution of emergency obstetric and newborn care (EmoNC) facilities: A study triangulating health system, facility, and geospatial data

93. Rush hour-and-a-half: Traffic is spreading out post-lockdown

94. Pay-it-forward influenza vaccination among older adults and children: A cost-effectiveness analysis in China

95. Impact of taxes and warning labels on red meat purchases among US consumers: A randomized controlled trial

96. How race, sex and age interact in association with COVID-19 outcomes over time: An analysis of Michigan data

97. Household water insecurity experiences and their perceived determinants in a low-income community of Cartagena, Colombia, during a water service expansion project

98. Hepatitis B care cascade among people with HIV/HBV coinfection in the North American AIDS Cohort Collaboration on Research and Design, 2012-2016

99. Global implementation research capacity building to address cardiovascular disease: An assessment of efforts in eight countries

100. Estimating the proportion of clinically suspected cholera cases that are true Vibrio cholerae infections: A systematic review and meta-analysis